Pryor Cashman successfully settled a trademark dispute on behalf of client Bare Meats Inc. Following the settlement, a Queens, New York-based restaurant will be renamed Andrew Bellucci’s Pizzeria.

The lawsuit concerned the name of the pizzeria Bare Meats opened in Astoria with Andrew Bellucci as the head chef; Bellucci had been the head chef at another nearby restaurant. The settlement in the Eastern District of New York brings the 2021 lawsuit to a close.

In a statement, Bellucci said of using his full name for the pizzeria, “My name and reputation are stamped on every order. When you come to Andrew Bellucci’s Pizzeria, I want you to feel the same way I do when I enter my family’s home. That you’re welcome. You’re part of us. You’ll be taken care of and on a very personal level.”

Bare Meats Inc. was represented by Pryor Cashman Partner Dyan Finguerra-DuCharme and Associate Brian Maida.